If Walls Could Talk, They Would Ask You If They Were Weather Controlled During Their Construction

Panelized wall systems are not only weather controlled, which means they can be worked on day and night no matter the weather, but they make construction faster.
Frederking Construction Co specializes in panelized wall systems. For our customers, we want your build to be as fast, as safe, and as productive as possible. Our wall systems make it so.

What Exactly Are Panelized Wall Systems?

We have specialized in Panelized Wall Systems for all of our building projects for over 30 years. Panelized Walls are built in the exact same concept as traditional "stick-built" homes, only in a weather-controlled environment.
Exterior Panelized Walls are built usually 16' to 24' in length with the top / bottom plates, studs, headers, boxing, and housewrap already preassembled. Interior Walls are built in the same manner to exact lengths, but without the boxing. After the Floor System is finished, the Exterior and Interior Wall Panels are then shipped to the jobsite and erected by a crane in numerical order per plans.
Typical Home Construction only takes 2 days for Exterior Walls, Roof Trusses, Roof Sheathing, and Felt Paper to be completed on the jobsite. In only 2 days, the customer has visual progress and peace of mind that the project is weather tight, which could take weeks for others to accomplish. Once Plan and Contract is signed, Computer Aided Shop Plans are drawn for exterior and interior wall detail for the project.
Panelized wall

Trust Our Family-Owned and Operated Company for Quality Construction

When you choose Frederking Construction Co, you will deal with our owner directly from the time of estimate to the completed project. You never have to worry about being short on product either. The material arrives in one complete package and comes preassembled for more convenience.
Panelized wall

Why Should You Choose a Panelized Wall System Over Conventional Construction Framing?

  • Less man hours
  • Less material waste
  • Lumber is organized and stores inside a building
  • Weather is never a factor
  • No material shortages as panelized walls are delivered in one package
  • Working environment is more stable
  • Less likely chance of jobsite theft
  • Panelized walls or components can be built ahead of time
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